Special Offers

There are many ways how to become a special guest in Spot Kafe and get a special offer

Loyalty Cards

  • We have Happy Hour everyday from morning till 19:00; and during some other hours.
  • Often On Weekend we do a partnership with some specific alcoholic beverage, so the offer may vary, but usually it is 25% discount on the promoted product.
  • During big Sport Events we offer 25% discount on Beer and Cider.
  • Get an offer via Qfer and get 2 cocktail shots for single price. (Works with selected drinks only)
  • Get a Special Guest 2 For 1 Card from us or our friends. (Works with selected drinks only)
  • Get a Business Card at Minicards display in your Hotel and get two drinks for one price. (Works with selected drinks only)
  • 25% off from your Birthday Party and Nameday bill, just don’t forget to show your ID before ordering 😉

Do you have any other ideas? Please contact us now.