Riga: 20+ Things to do

One of our visitors forgot his Todo List  in Riga, which titled as Pub Tour. It is so cool, so we have decided to publish it online… I hope the author will never mind 🙂
So here the list of thing to do in Riga:

  1. Shot Cafe – Team picture in the toilet
  2. Ezītis Miglā (any of two places) – Buy and consume 1 meter of Apple Pie
  3. Tequila boomTequila meter
  4. Aptieka – How many flowers are there on the logo of the bar?
  5. YOLO – do something yolo, film it, more yolo – more points
  6. Greenwood – drink a KILLER
  7. Spot – Tequila Suicide
  8. Cuba CafeMojito shot
  9. Pulkvedis – buy beer with yellow cent coins
  10. HHC – Get a blowjob for a comprade, film them drinking it with no hands
  11. Ala – buy and consume a jug (3L) of beer
  12. Omas Briljants – Get a number from a waitress with a kiss on it
  13. Funny FoxSing! Film it!
  14. Kiwi Bar – Take a cool picture with the bar staff
  15. Queens – How many different beers are available?
  16. Find and take a picture of the Black Cat

Extra Tasks:

  • Ride a velocab
  • Get a random girls number
  • Make original team photo
  • Picture with a person dressed in national outfit
  • Picture of UNESCO plate
Riga Bars Map

Riga Bars Map